Medical Cannabis Technology Company Successfully Completes First of Its Kind Study in California

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Machine Learning-based Smart Inhaler for Medical Cannabis Moves a Step Closer to Launching

TORONTO – September 19, 2017 – Resolve Digital Health Inc., a Canadian developer of Medical Cannabis delivery systems and devices, has taken a giant step towards launching the first of its industry-disrupting Breeze Smart InhalersTM.

On August 25th and 26th, 2017, Resolve conducted in-depth interviews and product testing with medical cannabis patients at the Magnolia dispensary in Oakland, California. This event gave patients the first opportunity to try Resolve’s patent pending and innovative Breeze vaporizer device. Over the course of the two days, 50 people used the device and provided feedback on the functionality and effectiveness of the soon to be released product.

Robert Adelson, CEO of Resolve Digital Health Inc., stated “Our smart devices will use machine learning algorithms to provide patients with optimal dosing and strain selection for their particular health situation. The health data that we capture is significant – we monitor and correlate medical conditions, prescriptions, family history, lifestyle, and other data. We are committed to serving people by offering the best medical delivery devices and ecosystem possible”.

Resolve met with a wide range of patients including those suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, and recovering from accidents or surgery. Patients offered some excellent suggestions and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive – patients loved the dosing control and the proprietary heating system that vaporizes without causing any throat or lung irritation.

Debby Goldsberry, the owner of Magnolia, commented about the Breeze beta test, “We received great feedback about the product from our medical cannabis patients and staff – we are looking forward to offering Breeze products next year.”

One patient in the trial, Mark Rutherford, commented that, “The Breeze is a harbinger of MMJ [medical marijuana] delivery in my opinion. It’s clearly designed with a patient’s needs in mind as well as the caregiver/medical professional.”

Speaking about the first public unveiling of one of its devices, Robert Adelson stated, “The mission of Resolve and our proprietary Breeze devices is to make medical cannabis more medical. Our smart devices are not only responsive to patient needs but also allows greater reporting to healthcare practitioners and researchers”. The Breeze device tested in Oakland is one of four models currently in development. The first Breeze device is anticipated to hit the market in early 2018.

The burgeoning global Medical Cannabis industry is estimated to reach $50 billion by 2025. Around the world, Medical Cannabis is prescribed for a plethora of medical conditions, including chronic pain, arthritis and joint disease, migraine headaches, cancer/chemotherapy, fibromyalgia, MS, and much more.

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Resolve Digital Health is positioned to be the leading provider of a metered dosing ecosystem for Medical Cannabis devices for patients suffering from cancer, arthritis, migraine headaches, chronic pain and other diseases. The company’s proprietary technology, apps and cloud-based health information platform found in Resolve’s debut product Breeze addresses the numerous issues with currently available methods of cannabis delivery – establishing a standard of care and rigorous medical approach for the Medical Cannabis industry. With over three years of research and development, the complete product ecosystem will be initially available in select dispensaries by early 2018 at the latest. For more information, visit

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